Vermel (2010)

Live in Vermel club, Moscow, 19.08.2010

"Riffing in a golden 70s' style... The group, holding the traditions of that decade high, pride themselves on two core virtues: an enduring display of top-notch musicianship and, conversely, the absence of overdubs. Skill and spontaneity predominate, each supporting the other. As a result, these stoner or southern rock compositions becomes a direct, no-nonsense statement in favor of an existing custom. Venerable conventions of forty years ago, performed live, need neither lyrical statement nor unmotivated innovation. The greatest respect for a rock canon is shown precisely by that stance - of insistent faith, rather than pointless (or profitable) novelty." by David MacFadyen of Far From Moscow (USA) (December 2010).


Released December 1, 2010

  • Ilya Lipkin - guitars
  • Vladimir Nikulin - bass
  • Andrey Pankratov - drums