Totems (2014)

For lovers of heavy riffs, solid grooves, and instrumental voodoo ~

"I look forward to new Re-Stoned albums as these guys continue to demonstrate that with each new effort they just keep getting better and more interesting, extending themselves beyond the standard Stoner-Psych template. Vocals are typically required with this kind of music but The Re-Stoned make it work as an all instrumental combo with lots of intriguing variety. Check it out"

Jerry Kranitz @ Aural-innovations


Released May 5, 2014

Performed by: ILYA LIPKIN (guitars, bass, mandola, shaman drum, jew's-harp, voice), ALEXANDER ROMANOV (bass) and VLADIMIR MUCHNOV (drums) with EVGENY TKACHEV (percussion) and NIKOLAY FEDOROV (didgeridoo)

Guest guitar solo in «Old times» is by KENT STUMP of WO FAT (appears courtesy of Small Stone Records)

Recorded at the Rushus Studio by Ilya Lipkin, except drums – recorded at Moscow Sound Studio by Sergey Lazar. Mixed by Ilya Lipkin. Mastered by Tobias Swensson. Original graphics and fonts by Alexander Zhelonkin. Artwork design by Ilya Lipkin

The album is to be released as 12” LP as well – by Headspin Records, an in-door vinyl only record-label of Clear Spot (The Netherlands). The vinyl-version has different artwork-solution, different sound-mastering and a bit different track-listing (it doesn’t include “Melting Stones” and “Violent Harmonics” but features a track which is not on CD).