Sunshine Again (single, 2021)

You may know that we really like to record cover versions of our favourite compositions, like we did it in 2019 with 'Red' by King Crimson. While exploring the music heritage of 60's we decided to make our own interpretation of Cream's 'Sunshine of Your Love'. Original version of this song obviously contains vocals, that's why we decided to stick to the instrumental version that the almighty Jimi Hendrix used to perform, but we played it in our own way. Hope you'll enjoy it!


Released June 18, 2021

Ilya Lipkin — guitars
Vladimir Kislyakov — bass
Anton Yalovchuck — drums

Mixing — Ilya Lipkin
Mastering — Janne Stark
Cover photo — Aleksandr Butov
Cover design — Ilya Lipkin

(1) Music by Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton (arranged by The Re-Stoned).
(2) Music by The Re-Stoned

Qiasum Music © 2021
The Re-Stoned © 2021