Sea Monk (single, 2020)

We are proud to present you our new single 'Sea Monk'! It contains a track from our forthcoming album 'Thunders of the Deep', which is going to be released in November 2020 by Clostridium Records. Also, you are welcome to enjoy the CD bonus track: a new rendition of 'Faces of Earth' that was performed live for a music video.


Released September 3, 2020

  • Ilya Lipkin guitars, effects
  • Vladimir Kislyakov bass
  • Anton Yalovchuk drums

Recorded at Skylak Studio, Rushus Studio and Smile Studio in 2018/2020

Mixed by Ilya Lipkin
Mastered by Janne Stark
Artwork Alexandr Zhelonkin aka Arzamas
Concept & Design Ilya Lipkin

All music by The Re-Stoned
2020 Qiasum Music