Reptiles Return (2016)

"Reptiles Return"- vinyl release of 8 tracks LP (Clostridium Records - CR 022) and 10 tracks on limited edition CD-R with "Reptiles" BOX Set (Rushus records - RR 03). This time the Grandmaster of this Moscow psychedelic fuzz orchestra Ilya Lipkin and associates made an attempt to rethink the legacy of the primal days of the band - the very first EP "Return to the Reptiles" with one track remixed, two - re-recorded a new and two more - remastered. The new album also includes new songs (4 in vinyl version and 6 in digital) covering more broad sonic space - acoustic pieces and psychedelic soundscapes which have been composed and recorded over the period of the last three years. "Reptiles Return" is a good appetizer for those fans tired of waiting for the brand new double LP due to release in the nearest future.


Released July 28, 2016

  • Ilya Lipkin - guitars, bass, synth, mandolin, thambourine
  • Andrey Pankratov - drums (Run, The Mountain Giant)
  • Vladimir Nikulin - bass (Run, The Mountain Giant)
  • Arkadiy Fedotov - bass , synth (Flying Clouds, Winter Witchcraft)
  • Ivan Fedotov - drums (Return, Flying Clouds, Winter Witchcraft)
  • Evgeniy Tkachev (Rasputin) - percussion (Walnut Talks)
  • Vladimir Muchnov - drums (Sharp Fire On The Hill)


Recorded during 2008 - 2016, Mixed by Ilya Lipkin, Mastered by Janne Stark (vinyl version) and Ilya Lipkin (digital version).

Ņover design by Ilya Lipkin

All music by The Re-Stoned.