Ram's Head (2018)

"It may’ve appeared to be the other way around — Out of the waves they came, with waves they still abound. What it would look like if a haze behind these eyes Just cleared away to hint at what you shall excise?"


Released October 3, 2018

  • Ilya Lipkin - guitars, effects
  • Vladimir Kislyakov - bass
  • Maximilian Maxotsky - drums

Recorded in June 2017 at Studio 10 Rec & Rushus Studio, Moscow

Mixing & mastering - Ilya Lipkin
Artwork concept & design - Ilya Lipkin
Cover art by Alexander (Arzamas) Zhelonkin
All music by The Re-Stoned © 2018

Press Clips:

"Just tight, skillful playing and cool jamming. And it is surely enough to rock your socks off!"
Dj Asro

"Ram’s Head is the epitome of modern stoner rock with that psychedelic edge and instrumental weaponry that has allowed The Re-Stoned to be such a revered act in the Russian live scene as well as an act that is an absolute must-hear thanks to places like Bandcamp. I’m always open to being proven wrong, but I wouldn’t be shocked if “Ram’s Head” ends up being the last great stop for stoner rock in 2018."
Head Banger Reviews