Plasma (2012)

Itís still the same sensual blues-influenced heavy psychedelic instrumental rock, but here the band is also rifling through various styles outside the realm of mind-boggling guitar riffs and rough jamming, for the first time incorporating songs with vocals and even electro-acoustic meditations for solo guitar.

"The Re-Stoned revels in Sabbath-influenced power and chug that, like that seminal group of wizards, finds as much force in the subdued as they do in the sludge. Plasma, true to its namesake, offers the blood in equal measure to the charge of the ion; transfusion and infusion for a body thatís both substantial and celestial." January 19 by Mr. Atavist @ Sunrise Ocean Bender (USA)


Released December 25, 2012

  • Ilya Lipkin - electric and acoustic guitars, bass, effects - all tracks
  • Veronika Martynova: vocal - "Today", "Julia Dream"
  • Vasily Bartov: drums - "Grease", "Moon Dust", "The Clay God
  • Pavel Voloshin: drums - "Faces of Earth", "Today"
  • Evgeny Tkachev: percussion - "Today", "Julia Dream", "Acoustic"
  • Arkady Fedorov: synth - "Grease", "Acoustic"