Orange Session (2022)

Two years ago, during covid-19 era, we managed to perform an open studio session which was dedicated to fact that the band's founder, Ilya Lipkin, had become an official artist of Orange Amps brand. Somehow it became a notable milestone in The Re-Stoned biography. This session was filmed and published on band's YouTube channel and also on Orange Jam in the Van. Later our friends from Clostridium Records decided to release a part of the session on limited edition LPs.


Released September 30, 2019

Ilya Lipkin - guitars, effects
Vladimir Kislyakov - bass
Anton Yalovchuk - drums

Recorded live at Nazarov Studio, 14.11.2020, Moscow
FOH/audio recording Daniil Nazarov & Igor Obruchnikov
Mixing Ilya Lipkin
Mastering Janne Stark
Idea, original graphics and design Ilya Lipkin
Photos Rodinaatphoto

Special thanks to Orange Amplification, Ella Stormark, Oleg Ivanov & Igor Obruchnikov