A Legend of Transparent Flowers (single) (2022)

In order to brighten up the waiting for the release of 'Stories of the Astral Lizard vol. 2' we decided to experiment a little together with Andrei Aksenov, our friend and an audio engineer. What we got as a result is an alternative version of a new track 'A Legend of Transparent Flowers', which has been made in binaural format using L-ISA, a technology of object-oriented audio mixing created by L-Acoustics. The track was remixed in L-ISA Auditorium, an immersive sound studio which is located within a Sonoruss company office in Moscow. While listening to the L-ISA mix in your headphones you will feel the extended detailing of every instrument along with panning and effects applying. We are also very glad to be the first artists from Russia to release their music in L-ISA format, and hope that you will enjoy our new single from the forthcoming album that is out on May, 20th.

So, this is it! 'A Legend of Transparent Flowers' single with an alternative version of a track for listening in headphones only! Have a great astral trip!


Released May 7, 2022

Ilya Lipkin electric & acoustic guitars, fx, bass
Evgeniy Tkachev (aka Rasputin) percussion, cymbals

Recording at Rushus Studio 2020
Mixing by Ilya Lipkin, L-ISA mix by Andrey Axenov
Mastering by Tobias Svensson & Andrey Axenov
Cover art by Alexander (Arzamas) Zhelonkin
Layout design by Ilya Lipkin
Special thanks to Alexander (Arzamas) Zhelonkin & Alexander Dvoryankin